Greene County Cemeteries

Some of these cemeteries may have had different names in the course of history, so this list may contain duplicates or the cemetery may be listed here under a different name than you know. It is also not all inclusive. Refer to the City, Towns & Township link for map locations of these Cemeteries.

Name Local Area Township
Aley Cemetery Beavercreek Beavercreek
Babb Cemetery Paintersville Caesarscreek
Babb Cemetery New Burlington Caesarscreek
Baptist Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
Bath Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Beaver Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Bellbrook Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Byron Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Caesar Creek Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
Cherry Grove Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Clifton Cemetery Clifton Miami
Cline Cemetery Port William Jefferson
Cost Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Cox Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Dean Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
Eleazor Cemetery Middleton Corner Caesarscreek
Fairfield Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Fallis Pioneer Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Gerlaugh Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Glen Forest Cemetery Yellow Springs Miami
Grape Grove Cemetery Grape Grove Ross
Hagler Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
Hawker Church Cemetery Beavercreek Beavercreek
Hering Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Hussey Cemetery Bowersville Jefferson
Huston Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Lewis Cemetery Port William Caesarscreek
Maple Corner Cemetery Maple Corner Xenia
Massies Creek Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Massies Creek Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
McClellan Cemetery Clifton Miami
McDaniel Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Mercer Cemetery Pogue Corners Spring Valley
Miami Valley Memory Garden Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Middle Run Cemetery Waynesville Sugarcreek
Mitman Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Morgan Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Mount Tabor Cemetery Pattersons Corner New Jasper
Mount Zion (Shoup) Cemetery Beavercreek Beavercreek
New Hope Cemetery Port William Caesarscreek
North Cemetery Clifton Miami
Old Silver Creek Cemetery Jamestown Silvercreek
Pioneer Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Pisgah Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Primitive Baptist Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Quaker Cemetery Jamestown Silvercreek
Queen of Haven (Marianist) Cemetery Beavercreek Beavercreek
Roxanna Cemetery Roxanna Spring Valley
St. Brigid's Cemetery Xenia Xenia
St. Paul Catholic Cemetery Yellow Springs Miami
Schmidt Cemetery Bellbrook Sugarcreek
Sheeley Cemetery Jamestown Silvercreek
Shook Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
Silvercreek Cemetery Jamestown Silvercreek
Spring Valley Cemetery Spring Valley Spring Valley
Stewart Cemetery Bowersville Jefferson
Sunnyside (Mt. Pisgah) Cemetery Beavercreek Beavercreek
Tarbox Cemetery Wilberforce Xenia
Union Schoolhouse Cemetery Fairborn Bath
Valley View Memorial Gardens Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Wilberforce Cemetery Cedarville Cedarville
Woodland Cemetery Xenia Xenia
Woodlawn Cemetery Bowersville Jefferson
Zoar Church Cemetery New Burlington Caesarscreek

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