1881 Bowersville Directory

The following is an excerpt of a transcription of the XENIA CITY and GREENE COUNTY DIRECTORY. ***1881*** . It was compiled by Chandler Bros., Xenia, Ohio by W. B. Chew, Printer.

This contains an alphabetical list of voters, heads of families, persons in business, giving their residence and post office. Also, a list of churches, with present pastors, and hours of service, location of schools, Board of Education, post offices, city and county officers, etc. but each city/town/township will not have each of the above.

Transcribed by Diane Glodoski for the Greene County, Ohio, USGenWeb page, 1-3-99.


M.E. Church — Rev. N. W. Darlington, pastor. Preaching every third Sabbath, at 11 a.m.
M.P. Church — Rev. Geo. Barker, pastor. Preaching every third Sabbath at 10:30 a.m.


Bowersville School
Principal D. E. Donaldson
1st Department Mrs. L. Thomas
2nd Department J. S. Thomas

Name Occupation
Bently, Jno Carriage Maker
Bowermaster, Geo. Painter
Bowermaster, H. Painter
Bowermaster, Wm. Painter
Bowermaster, Jno. Carpenter
Bowermaster, R. Carpenter and Undertaker
Bowermaster, Allen Painter
Bowermaster, N. Trader
Bowermaster, S. A. Carpenter
Bradford, S. Butcher
Browder, Theodore Lawyer
Brown, Jno. Huckster
Burr, Peter Stewart & Co.
Carpenter, D. W. General Store
Clayball, L. Laborer
Coley, Lewis Farmer
Collins, Wm. Laborer
Cottrell, Jno. Laborer
Donaldson, Thos. General Store
Donaldson, D. F. Principal, Graded School
Ellis, Calvin Farmer
Ellis, Stephen Farmer
Fugate, A. Brickmaker
Gerard, S. L. Dealer in hardware, groceries, notions (Gerard & Son)
Gerard, Jas. Dealer in hardware, groceries, notions (Gerard & Son)
Hampton, E. Laborer
Harris, Geo. General Store
Hussey, Stephen Lumber Dealer
Hussey, James Brickmaker
Johnson, Wm. Wagon Maker
Johnson, J. W. Carpenter
Johnson, Alex Justice of the Peace
King, J. M. Farmer
Lemons, Thos. Laborer
Moore, Thos. Physician
Oliver, Wm. Thos Laborer
Perkins, Elizabeth Widow
Perkins, C. Laborer
Perkins, Cornelius Notary Public
Perkins, Milan Farmer
Piles, Sam'l Laborer
Plummer, A. F. Druggist
Probasco, Isaac Farmer
Reaves, David Farmer
Rose, F. W. Physician & Surgeon
Rodgers, Jno. Shoemaker
Sayers, Jno. Teacher
Starbuck, L. Jno Grocer
Stewart, J. C. Carriage Smith, Horse Shoer & General Blacksmithing (Steward & Co.
Stewart, D. B. Carriage Smith, Horse Shoer & General Blacksmithing (Steward &. Co.
Steward, Alfred Teamster
Stephens, Joshua Farmer
Story, Edgar Carpenter
Thomas, C. J. Teacher
Thomas, W. H. Mechanic
White, Albert Lumber Dealer
White, Geo. Hotel Proprietor
Wilson, Chas. Lumber Dealer
Wolf, R. Postmaster and Dealer in staple and fancy groceries, notions, etc.
Young, Jno. Farmer