1881 Cedarville Directory

The following is an excerpt of a transcription of the XENIA CITY and GREENE COUNTY DIRECTORY. ***1881*** . It was compiled by Chandler Bros., Xenia, Ohio by W. B. Chew, Printer.

This contains an alphabetical list of voters, heads of families, persons in business, giving their residence and post office. Also, a list of churches, with present pastors, and hours of service, location of schools, Board of Education, post offices, city and county officers, etc. but each city/town/township will not have each of the above.

Transcribed by Diane Glodoski for the Greene County, Ohio, USGenWeb page, 1-3-99.


Mayor Robert Ervin
Secretary M. Rasor
Treasurer C. Barber
Marshall John Harris
Superintendent J. H. McMillen
Grammar Kate Dawson
Intermediate Nellie Fitzgerald and Lizzie Andrews
Primary Nettie Dallas and Ada Lanins
Colored H. H. Jones


H. D. Cline, president; J. H. McMillen, secretary, James Orr, treasurer, Bloss Bird, John Booth, Dr. Stewart


M. E. Church — between Chillicothe and North streets. Rev. W. Q. Shannon, pastor Sabbath school 10 a.m. Preaching at 11 a.m., each Sabbath
U. P. Church — between Chillicothe and North streets. Rev. H. F. Wallace, pastor. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Preaching at 11 a.m., each Sabbath
Reformed Church &38212; Main street. Rev. J. F. Morton, pastor  


Cedar cliff Lodge, No. 63, I. O. O. F., meets every Tuesday evening in Gowdy's Hall, Main st.
Continental Lodge, U. O. A. M., meets Wednesday evenings in Town Hall.

Name Occupation Address
Alexander, Jacob Blacksmith Main
American Express Co. Little Miami Depot Main
Andrew, Jane widow  
Andrews, Jas., of Andrews & Co.   Main
Andrews, B.., of Andrews & Co.   Main
Andrews & Co. dealers in hardware, farm implements, groceries, grain, seeds, wool, coal, etc. Main
App, G. proprietor of Cedarville House Main
Arment, Clinton wagon maker Main
Bachelor, Miss R.   res. Chillicothe
Barber, Joseph Carpenter Chillicothe
Barber, W. M. of Crouse & Barber   Xenia
Barber, J. C.   boards at Mrs. Huffine's
Barber, R. L. of Cooper & Barber.    
Barr, J. P. of Barr Bro's   Main
Barr, S. A. Painter Cedar
Barr, H. A., of Barr Bro's   Main
Barr Brothers Undertakers Main
Baker, James (col'd) laborer Church
Banks, Joseph laborer  
Beems, W. F. laborer Xenia
Berryman, W. F., (col'd) laborer Church
Bishop, G. Huckster North
Bishop, Thos.   North
Bishop, John   North
Blair, Wm. Farmer Xenia
Black, A. milkman Chillicothe
Booth, John carpenter Main
Boyles, Geo. laborer Main
Boyd, H. M.   res. Main
Boyd, A. T.   res. Main
Boyd, W. H.   res. Main
Bruce, Peter, (col'd) laborer Main
Burk, Enoch, (col'd) laborer Main
Bull, L. carpenter Cedar
Bull, Scott nursery agent Cedar
Calwell, J. P. dealer in drugs, medicines, chemicals, toilet articles, perfumeries, etc. 6 Main
Cedarville, Herald, G. B. Graham editor & proprietor  
Cedarville House, G. App, proprietor   Main St.
Cline, Jas. Laborer Elm
Cline, Jonathan. Laborer Elm
Cline, Chas. Laborer Elm
Cline, H. postmaster Chillicothe
Conley, Thos. clerk Church
Cooper, W. R. M. notary public & attorney at law Main, res. Xenia Ave.
Cooper, Jane widow res. Xenia
Cooper, Miss S.   res. Cedar
Cooper, R. T., of Cooper & Barber   Taylor
Cooper & Barber grocers Main
Crain, J. M. proprietor Crain House Main
Criswell, Wm. teamster Cedar
Crouse, C. W. dealer in fresh and salt meats and sausages Main, res. North
Crouse, C. M. of Crouse & Barber   Main
Crouse & Barber hardware Main
Cross, J. F. brick-maker Main
Currie, Geo. shoemaker Main, res. Cedar
Condon, Mrs. Julia milliner Main
Daugherty, Sarah widow Main
Dille, Miss L. doctress Main
Duffield, Geo. farmer Main
Duffield, Wm. farmer Main
Elrick, A. M. of A. J. Elrick & Sons'   North
Elrick, Wm. of A. J. Elrick & Sons'   North
Elrick, Mack, of A. J. Elrick & Sons'   North
Elrick, A. J. & Sons' carpenters & Builders shop on North
Ellis, Miss A. E. milliner & dressmaker Main
Ervin, David S., of Ervin Bro's   Xenia
Ervin, Robert, of Ervin Bro's   Xenia
Ervin Bro's grain dealers & mfr's flour Xenia
Fields, Wm. laborer Xenia
Fields, Nelson laborer Xenia
Fields, W. N. laborer Cedar
Fisher, Frank laborer Church
Fitzgerald, Miss Nellie teacher Xenia
Ford, Jacob laborer Chillicothe
Ford, Chas. laborer Chillicothe
Ford, H. laborer Elm
Ford, Jacob, Jr. laborer Main
Ford, Wm. Jr. laborer Xenia
Frazier, J. F. dry goods Main
Frazier, J. K.   res. Main
Gaines, Alex retired farmer Main
Gee, Mary dressmaker Cedar
Gilbert, L. laborer Elm
Gowdy, Jas. merchant Main
Gary, Robert dealer in fine & staple groceries, glassware, queensware, etc. Main
Graham, G. B. editor & teacher Main
Grindle, Perry sewing machine, agent North
Ginn, Thos. laborer Xenia Ave.
Hagler, S. Lime hand  
Hart, Wm. peddler Church
Harned, John A. drugs, chemicals, paints, oils, toilet & fancy articles Main, res. Xenia Ave.
Harned, J. B. druggist Main
Harris, Jacob laborer Railroad st.
Harris, John S. Marshall Miller st.
Harper, G. W. farmer Main
Henning, J. D. physician Xenia Ave.
Hensel, L. W. carpenter Chillicothe
Hood, J. laborer Taylor
Holmer, A. B. stonemason Railroad St.
Huffman, Jaspe, of Huffman & son   Xenia Ave.
Huffman, Josiah, of Huffman & Son   Xenia
Huffman & Son carriages and wagon mfr's, general repair shop.  
Huffman, Jacob, of H. & Son   Xenia
Hughs, John laborer Church
Huston, Geo. clerk Main
Iliff, L. V. laborer Chillicothe
Iliff, Wesley lime manufacturer Chillicothe
Iliff, John lime manufacturer Chillicothe
Ililff, W. H. teamster North
Iliff, J. H. barber Main
Iliff, Wm. laborer Church
Iliff, Geo. laborer Church
Irvin, Samuel blacksmith Main
Irvin, Frank laborer Taylor
Jeffryes, J. C. mechanic Chillicothe
Jeffryes, Z. D. cabinet-maker Xenia
Jeffryes, A. F. mechanic Xenia
Jeffryes, Riley teamster Xenia
Jeffryes, Harvey laborer Xenia
Jones, Thomas laborer Limestone
Jones, James laborer Elm
Jones, Andrew laborer Limestone
Jones, W. laborer Railroad
Keyes, Milton shoemaker Main, res. North
Leavy, Anna seamstress Main
Leavy, Henry lime worker Main
Lockhart, Wm. laborer Elm
Logan, Joseph laborer Elm
Lovett, Geo. laborer Cedar
Madden, W. P. Physician Xenia
Maddux, W. O. staple & fancy groceries, tobacco, glass & queensware Main, res. North
Mameur, Jas. flax mf'r Main
Mameur, John flax mf'r Main
Marshall, John laborer Main
Marshall, G. W. farmer Xenia
McClellan, W. M. laborer Railroad
McCaughan, S. lime hand Xenia
McElroy laborer Miller
McElroy laborer Miller
McFarland, D. carpenter Cedar
McLean, John carpenter & builder Chillicothe
McLean, J. laborer Miller
McMillan, R. laborer Xenia
McMillan, Prof. J. H. principal, public school Xenia Ave.
McNamara, M. section hand R. R. st.
Menser, Chas. carpenter Cedar
Milburn, A. teamster Chillicothe
Milburn, Jas. H. dry goods Main
Milburn, W. insurance agent Elm
Miller, Jas. saddler Main, res. Miller
Miller, J. W. laborer Dunlap
Miller, Jacob farmer Miller
Miller, J. M. saddler M
Mitchell, J. T. laborer Limestone
Mitchell, W. M., with S. K. Mitchell   Dunlap
Mitchell, S. K. lumber dealer Limestone
Mitchell, Thos. (col'd) saloonist main
Monday, Benj. laborer Elm
Morton, Rev. J. F.   res. Xenia Ave.
Moore, Jno. laborer Miller
Murray, Robt. laborer Xenia
Murdock, S. farmer Xenia
Murdock, Rev. David   res. Xenia
Newport. A. A. laborer Elm
Nesbit, Sam'l of Nesbit & Son   res. Xenia Ave.
Nesbit, Jno. of Nesbit & Son   res. Xenia Ave.
Nesbit, Hannah milliner Xenia Ave.
Nesbit, Nannie milliner Xenia Ave.
Nesbit, H. painter Main
Nesbit, J. H. painter Main
Noble, Alex. blacksmith Xenia, res. Cedar
Northup, D. W., of Strouse & Northup   res. 1/4 mi w. Cedarville
O'Lary, Dan'l farmer Main
Orr, J. & J. R. genera merchandise Columbus
Osborn, W. merchant & J. P. Main
Owens, A. C. carpenter Cedar
Owens, W. H. blacksmith Xenia
Parris, Caleb shoemaker North
Pendlum, C. H. blacksmith Elm
Phelps, Jno. laborer Taylor
Phillips, Jno. lime hand Chillicothe
Pickerl, R. Laborer Main
Pickerl, S. laborer Main
Porter, Newton laborer Miller
Powell, R. Railroad hand Main
Rakestraw, Deborah widow Main
Rakestraw, Joseph carpenter Main
Randall, Noah plasterer North
Randall, Milo jplasterer Main
Rastor, M., P.C. & St. L. R. R. agent Main
Reid, Martha widow Xenia
Ricket, Henry teamster Elm
Robinson, Jas. teamster Miller
Robinson, Albert laborer Miller
Ross, Jas. Railroad hand Walnut
Ross, Dan'l Railroad hand Walnut
Satterfield, R. laborer Chillicothe
Siegler, Jacob baker & confectioner Main
Sickles, Perry laborer Miller
Sickles, Jas. laborer Miller
Senard, S. E. butcher Main
Shannon, Rev. W. Q.   res. Cedar
Shepherd, Jas. miller Cedar
Shrodes, Geo. drayman Chillicothe
Shrodes, W. lime burner S. Walnut
Shrodes, Caleb carpenter Main
Shrodes, Jas. laborer Elm
Shrodes, Caleb teamster S. Walnut
Shull, Dan'l laborer Elm
Shope, Jno. cooper Church
Small, E. farmer Main
Small, C. laborer Main
Smith, Jno. laborer Miller
Smith, Jas. laborer Cedar
Smith, J. F. music dealer Taylor
Steele, Geo. teamster Xenia
Stewart, J. M. physician Main
Stewart, Lander laborer Main
Stookey, Norman laborer Elm
Stormont, Rev. Sam'l   res. Chillicothe
Stout, David laborer Xenia
Strouse & Northup manufacturers of, and dealers in drain tile Xenia pike
Strouse, J. W., of Strouse & Northup   res. Xenia Ave.
Sweeney, Cornelius section boss Main
Sylvay, John laborer Miller
Thompson, Sylvester carpenter North
Townsdale, Frank carpenter Chillicothe
Townsley, Innis teamster Chillicothe
Townsley, Luther saddler Miller
Townsley, J. E. livery Main
Van Horn, Edward laborer Main
Van Horn, Jos. laborer Main
Van Horn, Edward, Jr. laborer Main
Walker, Sam'l gunsmith Main, res. Chillicothe
Walker, Jno. gunsmith Main, res. Chillicothe
Walker, Wilson teamster North
Walker, D. W. general blacksmithing, repairing and shoeing Main, res. Elm
Walker, W. H. blacksmith res. Xenia
Wallace, Rev. H. F. pastor, U. P. Church res. Chillicothe
Washington, Geo. laborer Xenia
Webster, C. laborer Taylor
Western Union Telegraph Co. office, Miami Depot  
White, Geo. laborer Elm
White, Howard mail carrier Chillicothe
White, Barton laborer Chillicothe
White, Jane widow Elm
White, Joseph W. butcher Main
White, Granville telegraph operator S. Charleston
White, Henry sawyer Limestone
White, Moses stone mason  
Williams, J. laborer R.R. st.
Wiley, Thos. teamster Xenia
Woods, Wm. sawyer Miller
Winter, Dr. A.   res. Main
Young, Jno. Farmer