List of Greene County Township Maps

The list below shows cities and villages within each map area. To search for cemeteries, villages and other features click on the townships listed below which will take you to the USGS GNIS site. Check here for information on how to order US Geological Survey Maps of Ohio counties

Bath Township (organized March 3, 1807) – Bryon, Crow’s Foot, Fairborn, Fairfield, Five Points, Huffeysville, Osborn, Simms, Woodland Hills.

Beaver Creek Township, (organized May 10, 1803) – Alpha, Beavercreek, Knollwood, Mount Saint John, New Germany, Shoup’s Station, Stonehill Village, Stacktown, Trebein*,  Washington Mills, Zimmerman. 
*Note: Trebein was once called Pinkneyville, Frost Station, Beaver Station and Paul’s Mill.

Caesars Creek Township, (organized 1803) Caesarsville, Middleton Corner, Paintersville.

Cedarville Township,(organized December 6, 1850) – Bakertown, Cedarville, Frogtown, Pittsburg and Macedonia.  The town of Mount Ida was recorded in 1841, but was never settled.

Jefferson Township, (organized  1858) –  Bowersville, Gunnerville.

Miami Township, (organized  1808) –  Clifton, Yellow Springs.

New Jasper Township, (organized 1853) – New Jasper, Shawnee Hills.

Ross Township, (organized abt 1812) – Grape Grove, Gladstone.

Silver Creek Township, (organized 1811) – Jamestown

Spring Valley Township, (organized  1856) – Pogue Corners, Roxanna, Spring Valley

Sugar Creek Township, (organized 1803) – Bellbrook, Ferry.

Xenia Township, (organized  1805 ) – Goes Station, Maple Corner, Monroe Siding, Oldtown, Wilberforce, Xenia (county seat).