1881 Jamestown Directory

The following is an excerpt of a transcription of the XENIA CITY and GREENE COUNTY DIRECTORY. ***1881*** . It was compiled by Chandler Bros., Xenia, Ohio by W. B. Chew, Printer.

This contains an alphabetical list of voters, heads of families, persons in business, giving their residence and post office. Also, a list of churches, with present pastors, and hours of service, location of schools, Board of Education, post offices, city and county officers, etc. but each city/town/township will not have each of the above.

Transcribed by Diane Glodoski for the Greene County, Ohio, USGenWeb page, 1-3-99.



Mayor J.R. Crain
Marshal Joseph Grapewine
Treasurer S. F. Evans
Clerk S. A. Harper


Alfred Johnson, president; W. S. Galvin, secretary; Geo. W. McLaughlin, treasurer, Dr. C. H. Spahr, A. J. Christopher, J. J. Davis.


Union School, cor. Main and Sycamore
Superintendent Wm. Reese
Grammar ____ Van Pelt
1st Primary Miss Sue M. Zartman
2nd Primary Miss Adda Shingley
Colored School, North Church
Teacher Wm. Shields

M.E. Church — Corner Church & Main Rev. G. Moody, pastor. Sabbath-school at 9 a.m.
Preaching at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Class-meeting 3 p.m.
Prayer-meeting 7 p.m., Wednesdays
U.P. Church — West Main Rev. Wm. Robb, pastor Services each Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Sabbath-school, 10 a.m.
Prayer-meeting, 7 p.m., Wednesdays
Catholic Church Rev. Thomas Blake, pastor  
A.M.E. Church — South Sycamore Rev. Turner, pastor  


Jamestown Lodge, No. 352, F. and A. M., meets first Tuesday before thefull moon, in lodge room over McCreight's store, Limestone street.

Jamestown Lodge, No. 181, I. O. O. F., meets every Saturday evening over Farmers' & Traders' bank, Main street.

Grace Encampment, No. 171, I. O. O. F., meets first and third Wednesday evenings of each month, in Odd Fellows Hall.

John Bowles Lodge, No. 2050, G. U. O. O. F., meets every Wednesday evening, over colored school room.

Name Address
Adams, M. O., of J. H. Adams & Co. res Xenia st.
Adams, J.H., of J. H. Adams & Co. Xenia st.
Adams, J. H. & Co., dealers in dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, notions, etc. Limestone
Adams, James, clerk, J.H. Adams & Co. Xenia
Adams, John Limestone
Adams, J. B. Limestone
Adams Express Co., D. & S. E. depot  
ALlan, H., hotel and restaurant Church, opposite D. & S. E. depot
Alexander, S., wagon-maker between Church & Sycamore
Anderson, J., teamster Main
Anderson, B., (col'd), butcher cor. Church & Adams
Armstrong, A., (col'd), laborer  
Bach, Chas., miller  
Baker, S., of Baker & Paul Limestone & Xenia
Baker & Paul, livery stable Main
Baker, Wm., plasterer Xenia
Baker, W. G., farmer Main
Ballard, John, res with Wm. Blain  
Ballard, T. G., laborer Limestone
Ballard, G., (col'd), plasterer  
Ballard, Wm., (col'd), Baptist minister Adams
Barr, H., brakeman Xenia
Barr, G. R., postal clerk Limestone
Bargdell, H., widow Limestone
Bargdell, R. H., trader Limestone
Bell, A., (col'd), laborer Xenia
Bell, Wm., (col'd), laborer Adams
Benson, E., widow Xenia
Bergdoll, J., mason Main
Bentley, Geo., laborer Limestone
Blain, W., trader Main
Blain, Miss Ella, music teacher Main
Blair, W., clerk boards at T. M. McCraight's
Botler, S.A., of B. & Co. North Limestone
Botler, S. A. & Co., dry goods, boots and shoes Limestone
Bowells, C., (col'd), minister south side Xenia
Boyd, F., (col'd), painter Xenia
Bramlett, G., (col'd), saloon Limestone
Brent, T., (col'd), laborer Adams
Breach, Mary, widow Limestone
Brock, E., (col'd), laborer Main
Brown, J. C., cashier at F.&T. bank res West Main
Bryant, C.C., saloonist Church
Buckles, D.D., of Carin & B. S. Limestone
Buckles, H., works at C. & B. res S. Limestone
Butler, H.R., painter boards Wickersham house
Bunting, T.M., merchant tailor S. Limestone, res N. Limestone
Campbell, Mrs. R.A., milliner W. Main
Carpenter, G. W., carriage smith  
Carpenter, A. G., trader Main
Carpenter, Anna, widow Xenia
Carpenter, Alonzo, teamster Xenia
Carpenter, Jas., teamster Xenia
Carpenter, Jas., (col'd), laborer W. Main
Carter, R., (col'd), saloonist Main
Chalmers, Anna, widow Sycamore
Cheney, C. E., justice of the peace Church
Cheney, Chas., law student Church
Christy, Thomas, clerk, R. B. Strong  
Christy, Mrs. M., dressmaker E. Main
Christopher, J., general agent, D.& S.E.R.R. E. Main
Christopher, Jas. E. Main
Clark, George, laborer Xenia
Clark, George, laborer Xenia
Clark, Chas., carpenter Xenia
Clemens, J.G. Main
Clemens, Geo., farmer Xenia
Cline, A., teamster  
Crain, J.R., of Crain & Buckles Main
Crain & Buckles, dealer in harnesses Main
Crates, V., section boss Limestone
Conwell, Wm., engineer W. Main
Conyers, H., (col'd), farmer W. Main
Copenhagen, F., sawyer S. Limestone
Davis, S.D., J.P. and notary public S. Limestone, res E. Main
Davis, David, farmer E. Main
Davis, J.J., farmer and trader E. Main
Davis, F.M., U.S. mail carrier E. Xenia
Davis, E.E., widow S. Limestone
Davis, Hez., (col'd), laborer  
Dean, A., saloonist S. Limestone
Dean, H. South Church
Dillingham, Ada, milliner E. Main, res W. Main
Dingess, Chas., dry goods & clothing Main, res. S. Limestone
Dingess, H., harness maker res, E. Main
Emry, Chas., (col'd), laborer E. Main
Ewing, R., plasterer Adams
Ewing, S.F., grocer Main, res E. Xenia
Farmers' and Traders' Bank E. Main
Fields, A., (col'd), laborer W. Main
Ford, Joseph, drayman S. Sycamore
Ford, P., teamster E. Xenia
Frame, Rev. N., Friend minister E. Main
Frank, Phillip res, S. Church
Galvin, Wm. S., postmaster  
Gatch, Samuel boards at Wickersham House
Giesler, J.B., baker W. Main
Ginn, J.L., manufacturer & dealer in lumber, sash, doors, blinds & moldings Church near R.R. & south Limestone
Glass, Jas. H., blacksmith cor Xenia & Limestone
Grapewine, J., grocer & marshal W. Main
Greene, Wm., (col'd), laborer E. Xenia
Greenlease, Geo., trader  
Griffith, E., plasterer E. Xenia
Griffith, H., paper hanger & painter W. Xenia
Griffith, Geo., night watchman, Ginn's mill S. Sycamore
Haines, Allen, coal dealer S. Sycamore
Harper, S.A., clerk, J.L. Ginn W. Main
Harper, Thomas, laborer W. Main
Harverstick, John, carriage trimmer  
Hellrigle, E.D., manufacturer carriages, buggies & wagons boards Wickersham House, south side, W. Xenia
Hickson, E., harness maker N. Limestone
Hickman, Dennis, (col'd), laborer  
Hillard, James, wagon maker S. Limestone
Heffler, Joseph, butcher Waynesville road
Hosier, C., retired W. Xenia
Hudson, A.B., Jeweler, watchmaker & engraver No. 2 Wickersham block, boards Wickersham House
Hughes, C., laborer Boards with J. Ford
Irvin, Mrs. E., widow W. Main
Jamestown Tribune, W.H. Rose, editor & proprietor, published every Friday morning. N. Limestone
Jeffries, John, laborer E. Xenia
Jeffries, James, teamster N. Limestone
Jeffires, Wm., (col'd), teamster S. Sycamore
Jenkins, J.H. & Sons, dry goods Main & Limestone
Jenkins, J.H. of J.H. Jenkins & Sons W. Main
Jenkins, A.E., of J.H. Jenkins & Sons N. Limestone
Jenkins, G.K., of J.H. Jenkins & Sons W. Xenia
Jenkins, Charles, of J.H. Jenkins & Sons W. Xenia
Jenkins, Edward, saloonist W. Main
Johnson, Sarah, widow E. Xenia
Johnson, Rebecca, widow Adams
Johnson, J.F., grocery E. Main, res Limestone
Johnson, J.M., tile manufacturer Waynesville road
Jones, L.M., physician N. Limestone, res W. Xenia
Kelly, Mrs. M., dressmaker E. Main
Kiehl, Jacob, shoemaker N. Limestone, res Church
Kindell, James, (col'd), laborer N. Church
Lackey, Mrs. E., widow E. Main
Lee, Thomas, teamster E. Xenia
Leonard, H.D., sec. M.V. & Col. R.R. Co. S. Sycamore
Lewis, W.R., huckster N. Church
Long, W.D. E. Xenia
Long, H.H. St. Cloud Hotel, W. Main
Long, A.H. W. Main
Mannington, Wm., proprietor, Wickersham House E. Main
Mannington, T.M., clerk, Wickersham House  
Marshall, J.A., clerk, Chas. Dingess res, S. Limestone
Maxon, W.L., laborer E. Main
Maxon, W., laborer E. Main
McClain, P., tinner E. Xenia
McKinney, H., laborer W. Main
McKinney, E., laborer W. Main
McKillipp, James W. Main
McMillen, J.W., McM. & Son W. Main
McMillen, Wm., McM. & Son W. Main
McMillen & son, flouring mill W. Main